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We use a combination of massage techniques to assist your body in healing and relaxation.

What massage techniques do we offer?

Our massage therapist is trained and experienced in:

  • Remedial

  • Swedish

  • Sports massage

  • Cranio-sacral therapy.

What is Cranio-sacral therapy?


A gentle relaxing, non- invasive therapy with client fully clothed.


Cranio-sacral therapy involves placing hands on various parts of the body from ankles to head, tuning into the bodies natural Cs rhythm to allow the body to unwind tight fascia tissue – which not only covers musculature, but organs and all nerves and tubes that are throughout the body.

Cranio-sacral therapy Excellent for a wide range of issues-such as:


          - Muscular skeletal pain/dysfunction

          - Headaches/ migraines

          - Post traumatic stress

          - Sports injuries

          - Digestive problems

          - Chronic fatigue

          - Emotional problems

          - Breathing disorders and many more 

Health fund rebates are available with most major funds.

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