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Positive Psychology

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Drawing upon 3 decades of experience of initiating therapeutic conversations around personal empowerment, to help her clients uncover what’s best about themselves and others, Paulette has developed a caring, person-centred approach to helping people find a better way forward. By using evidenced-based Positive Psychology as her tool, Paulette suggests interesting ways to sharpen her clients’ awareness of what life can be like when using positive interventions every day.

She says, “Whether it’s for self-definition, self-discovery, making sense of the chaos in your life, for emotional release, to help define a renewed sense of direction, to deal with loss and grief, or to be a nicer person for your partner, family or workmates to be around, there are thousands of reasons why people want to get more out of life.”


Paulette meets you where you are right now and begins by creating a personalised program that involves her Everyday Collaborative Support System.

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