Are you, or somebody you know seeking some extra support? We believe that access to mental health services should be available to everybody!


Our Psychologist provides warm, professional support to residents of the Sunshine Coast for a wide range of issues. ​We provide sessions for individuals, couples, families, children and groups.

Your Sessions 

Your sessions will run for 60 minutes, which might sound like a long time, but this is so that we can get to know your concerns, and help you to develop strategies, increase self-awareness and overcome them.

The number of sessions a person needs will vary, depending on why they are seeking therapy and also on the approach taken.



A Mental Health Care Plan from your doctor entitles you to up to 10 subsidised visits each year. If you have a current plan, you will be reimbursed $74.80 from Medicare for each session.


All you need to do, is bring your Medicare card, and your Mental Health Care Plan along to your first session, and we will process your rebate on the spot.