Nobody likes looking in the mirror only to discover their skin is starting to age. The thought of undergoing surgery or receiving Botox injections can be quite daunting.

None of us are immune to the unwanted lines, sun-damage, and other signs of ageing that appear on our skin as each year passes. At HIFU Refresh, we help people of all ages refresh the appearance of their face, using the less invasive and well-proven techniques of Ultraformer III.

The feedback from our clients tells us that they are loving the vitality and confidence that a refreshed, more youthful face has given them.

At HIFU Refresh our approach to treatment is individually prepared. We strive for a natural look as our top priority and believe in gradually enhancing your features and preventing the impact of the ageing process. We listen to your personal preferences and give advice on the best treatment both for now and the future.

Our treatment is focused on face, neck and upper body to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. We provide a relaxed atmosphere, in a convenient location, completed by a qualified medical professional.

Necks, eyelids, chins, jawlines, brows and areas of the body that are wrinkling or sagging, such as under the chin, armpit and saggy arms will lift using this ultrasound technology. And the bonus is that it can be performed with no down-time, minimal side-effects and is almost completely pain-free.

Focused ultrasound energy is delivered effectively into the target area without heat diffusion to surrounding tissue. This produces the best clinical results, faster treatment times and increased comfort during treatment.

Ultraformer III works for Upper face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkles, pores, V-line forming, jowl line, cheek, skin tone improvement, and overall laxity improvement as well as the décolletage, arm pit and upper arms.

           + Brow Lift

           + Frown Lines and Forehead

           + Upper Eye Lids

           + Laugh Lines around Eyes

           + Under Eye Bags

           + NasoLabial Folds

           + Upper Lip Lines

           + Jaw Line Contour

           + Under Chin Sagging

           + Neck Lines


Patients can notice immediate results with progressive improvement up to 90 days post-treatment for peak results. These results can be maintained from 12-24 months afterwards.